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Graphic Photo!

As horrific and heartbreaking as this image is, you’d think it’s a dead dog, right? Well, it’s not! This is what sweet Patrick looked like on March 16, 2011, when he was found near death in a plastic bag in a dumpster. Miraculously, he was still alive, even in this condition!

But here’s the biggest horror... because of current New Jersey laws, and the absence of a Federal Law that specifically addresses domestic animal abuse, the person who did this to Patrick might only get a maximum sentence of six months jail or a $1000 fine with community service!

Is that justice? Not even close! But the hands of the Judge and Prosecutor are tied and limited by current laws. This MUST change!

Some people feel it’s a waste of time to pursue a Federal Law, and that each State should approach this independently. We agree this is also a State issue. But Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony are just two examples of people who pursued change on a national level, and helped bring about Federal laws that didn’t exist before.

In addition, the U.S. Senate passed the Amber Alert Act in 2003, only one week after being introduced, with a 92-0 vote. It created a nationwide system to help locate abducted children. This was groundbreaking and never existed before! It became a Federal Law, to protect children. We believe that a Federal Law to protect animals is equally attainable.

In December 2010, President Obama signed the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, to ban “crush videos” (depictions of small animals being tortured to death by humans).  The Act criminalizes the creation, sale, and marketing of the videos, which lawmakers labeled as "obscene." A prison sentence of up to seven years can be imposed.

Go to the Useful Links page, track down your political representatives and call, write, fax, email, and make your voice heard. Be a voice for the animals! Circulate petitions. Attend rallies. Change the laws!

Photo from
Associated Humane Societies

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi