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for Animal Abuse!
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Reach out to your local representatives. Let them know you want stronger laws to prosecute and incarcerate these despicable animal abusers.

Millions of animals are subjected to abuse every minute of every day all around the world. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, cows, elephants, and other creatures.

There should be a recognized national registry for offenders. Once convicted of animal abuse, that person should not be allowed to have an animal again. If they violate that, they go back to jail.

Demand that laws are revised to make animal abuse a Felony. There must be prison terms, higher fines, mandatory community service and education.

Laws must empower police and humane societies to remove an animal from an abusive situation much sooner, just as a child is removed from an abusive home.

Laws must give Prosecutors a greater range of charges to bring against an abuser. Judges must be given leeway to impose harsher sentences.

We should also change how animals are designated in law. Right now they are considered property. Do you think of your fur-child as property, or as your cherished companion?

Don’t wait for someone else to make a difference. Reach out to your local reps, State reps, the White House and even Media! Let them know how you feel about this important issue.

Get Involved!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the United States

The wheels of justice moved slowly regarding Kisha Curtis, the woman who admitted she abandoned Patrick by tying him to a rail and left him to starve at her Newark apartment building. She claims that someone else threw him down that garbage chute. We wonder why none of the residents said or did anything all those days there was a whimpering, starving, emaciated and dying puppy. Why did no one feed Patrick? Where did he urinate and defecate, right where he was tied? Why did no one untie him? Why did no one report this? Why did the apartment building manager not get charged? Surely he or she saw Patrick as well. Many unanswered questions remain.

Regardless, almost 2 1/2 years later, Ms. Curtis ran out of stall tactics and finally pleaded guilty in August 2013 to fourth-degree animal cruelty , just before her trial was to begin. Since she had no prior convictions, she was sentenced to 18 months probation as well as ongoing counseling.

Her light sentence was not as harsh as most would have liked. This brings to light another legal component in need of reform. All convicted animal abusers should be denied the right to ever have another animal in their possession for the rest of their lives. That restriction must be put into law.

Meanwhile, at the end of 2013, Patrick was still in the middle of a protracted and senseless custody battle between the veterinary hospital that nursed him back to health, the rescue organization that originally found him and brought him to the vets, and the city of Newark.

Legal Updates